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A Bit About Me

Do you struggle with

  • feeling unworthy?
  • knowing who you are?
  • loving yourself?

I did for years. None of the religious answers helped. Praying more, trying harder, changing my thinking - none of it helped.

Learning to hear God's voice for me changed everything. God is my loving Father and He talks to me.

I am far from perfect. Thankfully, I am also far from where I used to be.

I treasure my life and family in Alaska, my 25 years of marriage to my high school sweetheart. We have been blessed with 3 young adult children, one in heaven, and a toddler.

I love to learn, write, teach and coach.


Certified Christian Life Coach, Author, Speaker

Trained in Fuel Up for Life, Childhood Emotional Neglect Recovery Program & Sozo Healing Prayer





Healing your heart heals generations

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