Just You and Jesus

cen hearing god prayer Jan 16, 2020

Just You and Jesus
If that's not working is it your fault?


Do you feel like you try really hard to check all the boxes - prayer, devotions, Bible study - and something is still missing?

 As I have been doing interviews for the new Mess to Majesty 90 days of Transformation and Healing group program I have heard again and again a version of “I know this is true but I'm not sure”.


I know God loves me but I don't feel it.

I know I am called to more but I feel unworthy.

I know my life is missing depth of relationship but I can't risk getting hurt.

I know Jesus paid for everything but I still feel the same.


We are called to take every thought captive and renew our mind in Christ. We have an active part in our transformation. When we have taken a thought captive. We’ve put it aside and are thinking God's thought instead - and it's not working. We know the truth but it just won't stick.


When this happened to me in the past I would...

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Do You Feel Uniquely Broken?

cen emotions relationship Jan 09, 2020

Why don’t I feel totally changed?  

Why isn’t everything different for me? 

The women at church talk about how going to this retreat or reading this book changed everything and I never experience that.  


It must be me. 

I must be uniquely broken. 

It turns out feeling uniquely broken is not uncommon. Especially if you experienced Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN). 

In my CEN recovery training, Dr. Jonice Webb called it your “Fatal Flaw”.  

“A Fatal Flaw is a deep-seated, entrenched feeling / belief that you are somehow different from other people; that something is wrong with you.” Dr. Jonice Webb 

 You believe there is something broken in you that seems irreparable. Something you keep secret because you think - if people knew this about me,...

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Are you effected by Childhood Emotional Neglect?

Are you harder on yourself than you are on anyone else?

Do you feel empty or struggle to connect with your own feelings?

Do you strongly resist asking for help?

You could be dealing with the effects of Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN).

What is Childhood Emotional Neglect?

Emotional Neglect is a parent’s failure to respond enough to a child’s emotional needs.

Emotional Neglect is, in some ways, the opposite of mistreatment and abuse.  Whereas mistreatment and abuse are parental acts, Emotional Neglect is a parent’s failure to act.  It’s a failure to notice, attend to, or respond appropriately to a child’s feelings.  Because it’s an act of omission, it’s not visible, noticeable or memorable.

Dr. Jonice Webb, Psychologist

I love that Dr. Jonice Webb teaches CEN is not about blaming your parents. Your parents, did the best they could with what they had and blaming them is...

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