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Breakthrough Overwhelm
5 Steps to Balance & Peace written by Mukkove Johnson

Have you ever thought, “If only I could get my act together?” If so, this might be the most important report you read all year.

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This transformational coaching curriculum is designed to produce maximum results in minimal time. I support you in developing and refining the skills you need to succeed. I’ll help you confront challenges head-on and develop a plan of action to overcome what has hindered you in the past.

Our Coaching Clients Receive:

  • Personalized coaching curriculum designed for you
  • Weekly/ Monthly coaching sessions
  • Specific action-oriented assignments
  • Direct email access to your coach
  • Confidential advice and accountability
  • And much, much more!

What did Michael Jordan, Princess Diana, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey all have in common? They all used coaches. Even at the peak of their careers, great leaders continue to use coaches to help them achieve more. If you are ready to take action and create the outcomes you want, we offer coaching programs to assist you in the process. Improve your performance and your results!

Pursue a more focused level of intentional growth through our transformational coaching services. To learn more about how you or your team can benefit from our customized coaching solutions click here.


As a Foundation Specialist I coach women to rebuild or strengthen their foundations in Christ to create new pathways for their children, natural and spiritual, to follow.

In the Foundation Coaching Program we will strengthen each of the 7 Key Elements of your foundation:

  • Relationship with God – I know Jesus as my Lord and Savior, God as my loving Father, and Holy Spirit as my ever-present help and comfort.
  • Hearing God – I know God’s voice through His word and how He speaks to me personally.
  • Identity – I clearly understand how God sees me.
  • Integrity – I walk in alignment with how God sees me.
  • Calling – I know the impact I am called to make and am faithfully obeying God’s directions to make that impact.
  • Self-Awareness – I know myself well- what I think, feel, value, and need.
  • Hard Things I know how to partner with God and see Him using hard things for my good.

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My sessions with Mukkove Johnson have been such a blessing. She listens & then asks the tough questions that make me think and consider whether my point of view is accurate. She is compassionate and caring in her manner, but she doesn't just try to make me feel good - she gets me thinking about the things I might need to change and has offered suggestions that have been insightful and super helpful.

Lisa Vanderveen


Lisa Vanderveen


The coaching sessions with Mukkove were a blessing. Mukkove is a very attentive listener. She makes you feel safe and understood. It was wonderful to feel clarity and the lightness of resolving my personal challenges. I am certain that you will find the benefits of being coached by Mukkove priceless. I am very grateful. Thank you Mukkove ❤

Sara Brownie


Sara Brownie


Mukkove has been an incredible blessing in my spiritual and motherhood journeys.
She helps me be accountable to myself, keep (or regain) perspective, see things as bigger or smaller than they are (or I'm making them out to be), and remember I am a whole person not just a mom.

I love Mukkove's peaceful presence, her understanding nature, and her thoughtful loving encouragement!

Kendall Patton


Kendall Patton


Mukkove’s coaching and her course on prayer came at a time in our lives when we pursued a different direction in our life and feeling unsure if we were really hearing from God. What she shared was thought provoking and very relevant. It led to a good discussion between the two of us, then asking God for His voice on our impending move.

I like that as a couple, we are studying  something that we both desire and wasn't necessarily marriage related. It is a course that is for everyday life and everyday people.

This course made me realize that I am already hearing God's voice more than I thought! This was actually very encouraging  and made me think about how God cares about the little things in our lives. I think we all wish for "signs and wonders" to confirm our decisions as Mukkove teaches from scriptures, it's the small steps of obedience and staying attuned to hearing His voice.

Adriel Grimshaw


Adriel Grimshaw


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Download your FREE COPY NOW!

Breakthrough Overwhelm
5 Steps to Balance & Peace

written by Mukkove Johnson