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Certified Christian Life Coach

Fuel up For Life, Childhood Emotional Neglect Trained

Personalized 1:1 coaching, group programs and membership community.


Transformational Quiet Times
Learn to hear God's voice for yourself. He's a good Father with good things to say.

Step into Peace & Christian CEN Recovery course COMING SOON!


Learn to hear God's voice for yourself

Heal wounds of the heart and accelerate transformation

Recover from and prevent
Childhood Emotional Neglect

"“Mukkove is an amazing life coach. My sessions with her helped me work through tough things and truly helped me take steps to move forward again! Her courses have changed my life. Mukkove has many tools to share and is compassionate and caring.”"

CIndy Turner
Homeschooling Mom

"“I highly recommend Mukkove Johnson. She is an excellent life coach. I have recently done some coaching with her. We have had major breakthrough every session! It’s been a life-changing experience.”"

Alyssa Hanson
Homeschooling Mom

"“My sessions with Mukkove Johnson have been such a blessing. She listens & then asks the tough questions that make me think and consider whether my point of view is accurate. She is compassionate and caring in her manner, but she doesn't just try to make me feel good - she gets me thinking about the things I might need to change and has offered suggestions that have been insightful and super helpful.”"

Lisa Vanderveen
Spalankna Practicioner & Homeschooling Mom

Step From Overwhelm To Peace

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